The VR Forge
by Foundry 45

Virtual Reality Apps are Not One Size Fits All!

VR Forge can be used to create a wide variety of different types of immersive experiences to fit your, and your clients', creative vision.

All VR Launch Apps Can include

  • 360 Video or 360 Stills with voiceovers
  • Deployment to iOS Cardboard, Android Cardboard, and/or Samsung Gear VR
  • Custom branded interface (icons, logos, splash screen, start screen, etc.)
  • Optional "Phone Only" mode for users without a headset
  • Submission for review under your, or your clients', Apple or Google Play Developer Account


Tell a single immersive story, with a pre-determined path. All wrapped up in an easy-to-use app.

Great for tours, films, and presentations such as 360 training videos, commercials, movies, weddings, etc. where the user watches a single story from start to finish.

Starting at $4k


Bundle a set of Standard or Mapped Experiences into one app. User selects which Experience they wish to view from a list before putting the device into their headset.

Great for ongoing engagement with users or publishing a series of stories, tours, etc.

Starting at $6k


Allow the user to guide the story and have a measure of control over the adventure.

Great for more complex tours and stories - think commercial real estate, retail real estate, or facility tours where users can look at a map to choose which areas to view.

Starting at $8k


While our standard offerings are great for many situations, VR Forge Apps are ultimately bound only by your imagination!

  • Custom Interfaces
  • Interactive Info Popups
  • Embedded surveys
  • Live data & image feeds
  • Guided, remote control
  • 2D video and photos
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